Joseph #2




  1. Children should be able to tell the dreams of the butler, the baker, and Pharoah.
  2. Children should know the story of Joseph’s forgiving his brothers.
  3. Children should know how the people of Israel came to live in the land of Egypt.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Review the story of Joseph from last week.

No one new to add to your timeline, but a good chance to review all the figures hanging from your clothesline. 

  1. Read the story of Joseph either in the Beginner’s Bible, pages 78-91, Children’s Bible Reader, pages 54-71, or the Golden Children’s Bible pages 68-87.
  2. True/False questions:

                              True                                                  False

      Joseph was a slave of Potiphar in Egypt.  Joseph was taken to China as a slave.

      The butler dreamed of grapes and a cup.  The butler dreamed of apples.

      The baker dreamed of bread and birds.    The baker dreamed of apple pies.

      The butler was freed by Pharoah.             The baker was freed by Pharoah

      Pharoah dreamed of fat and thin cows.    Pharoah dreamed of fat elephants.


  1. Talk about slavery and prison: What would it be like? Are there slaves now? Prisoners? What did Jesus say about how we should treat slaves and prisoners?


  1. Talk about dreams: Do we have dreams? What kind of dreams? Are there other important dreams in the Bible?  (Jacob’s ladder, Joseph and Mary)


  1. Make a Signet Ring: Take a piece of

oven-hardening clay. Form a long snake

and a flattened circle and put together

as a ring. Inscribe with child’s name or

a symbol. Put them in the oven as per

directions on the package. While baking,

take some beeswax (Father has old

candles.) and melt it on the hotplate.  Write a friendly card to a prisoner.

Use wax and ring to seal the card. Send

to the Orthodox Prison Ministry. Keep the

ring to use at home for cards and letters.

  1. Close with prayer.