Fall of Constantinople

Fall of Constantinople

Home Activities:

  • The result of the Crusades.  Build a castle of blocks and knock it down. 
  • Constantinople was the City of Constantine; review the stories of Constantine, of Helen and the Elevation of the Cross, and of the Fall of Rome. 
  • “Visit” Turkey in the library; see the culture and the architecture of Constantinople, now known as Istanbul.  
  • Look at pictures of Hagia Sophia today; what’s missing? 
  • Try a “harem” day; little girls will love to dress in silk scarves and bathing suits and practice “belly dancing” to music you can pick up at the library. 

Prayer: Lord, bring freedom to Your people still struggling in Your great City of Constantine.



The Fall of Constantinople: The City of Constantine

Unscramble each of the clue words. Copy the letters in the numbered cells to other cells with the same number to discover a hidden fact. 

  • City of Constantine
  • Eastern Empire
  • Greatest Eastern Emperor
  • Turkish General
  • Geographical defense of the city
  • New invention of war
  • Name of new country
  • Fate of Haggia Sophia