Nativity of our Lord



Finally, the Nativity of Christ! There is so much to do!

Home Activities:

  • Be sure to decorate the icon of the feast for your icon corner.
  • There are also puzzles and a diorama to color and cut out.
  • Decorate the tree with ornaments and paper chains.
  • Hang your stained glass icon in the window.
  • Have a birthday cake for Jesus.
  • Review the Christmas greeting, “Christ is born!” and the response, “Glorify Him!”
  • Sing the Troparion: “Thy Nativity”. 
  • You can make crèche scenes out of the strangest things at home – pine cone people, toilet paper tube people, spoon people, etc. Be sure to have a crèche at home to review the story; before Christmas, Mary and Joseph can slowly move around the room toward the stable.

Prayer: Lord, may you come in our hearts as you came on earth as a little child.