Hannah / Samuel




  1. Children should be able to tell the story of Samuel’s birth and his childhood in the temple.
  2. Children should understand that God spoke to Samuel and called him to his life work, and He will do the same for us.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: I Kingdoms/I Samuel 1, 2:18-20, 3 (whole chapter).


  1. Learning Game: Jeopardy. Make 3 categories: People, Things, Numbers

People: Samuel, Eli, Hannah, Elkanah

Things: Robe, Bull, Ark, Temple

Numbers: Two (sons of Eli), Four (times God called), 12 months (new

robe), Three (how old Samuel was)

Students choose a category and number from 1-4 and have to come up with a question to go with the answer. If they cannot, play passes to the next student.


  1. Discussion: Discuss other mothers and sons from the Bible: Sarah and Isaac, Rebekah and Jacob. Review their stories. Who else was old and prayed for a son? Do you remember the stories of Anna and baby Mary, Elizabeth and John, and Mary and Jesus from the New Testament? Who else gave her child to be raised in the temple?

5.   Make Samuel’s Mat:

      Take a piece of burlap.

      Cut a 12x18-inch section

      for each child. Along the

      long edge, remove 2-3 short

      strands several times, spaced

      evenly. Now, give the children

      colored yarn and have them

      weave in and out of the length-           

      wise remaining fibers. If they

      desire, they can remove one or

      two strands from each side, making

      fringe. This can be a placemat.

Too hard and time-consuming? Take a sheet of construction paper or a large sheet of foam and cut slits about an inch wide going the short direction, leaving about an inch border. Take 1-inch strips lengthwise from a contrasting color and weave thru, making a placemat. If you use paper, cover with clear contact paper to waterproof. 



6.   Close with prayer.