1. Children should know that God created the world.
  2. Children should be able to tell the story of Creation.
  3. Children should know that we should also love and care for

       God’s creation

Possible lesson plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Read the story of the creation in the Beginner's Bible, pages 7-13, or the Children’s Bible Reader, pp. 17-20. At the end, ask the children to name some things God created.
  3. Begin your timeline with the story of Creation. 

  1. Creation story (make smiley faces for children to hold up with their line):

Teacher: Once, at the dawn of our beautiful days, God made the light and dark go separate ways. & evening & morning were the very first day. & God said:

Children (refrain): “This is good!”

Teacher: On the very next day, God created the sky and painted it blue and set it on high. And God said:

Children (refrain):“This is good!”

Teacher: On the third bright morning, God looked around and removed the water from the high, dry ground. And He called the water the great seas and He colored the ground with grass and trees. And God said:

Children (refrain):“This is good!”

Teacher: Next God rolled up a fireball and called it the sun; a moon He made for its silvery light and the stars He made to twinkle at night. And God said:

Children (refrain): “This is good!”

Teacher: On Day Five God worked on the birds of the sky, the creatures that fly, and fish in the deep and sea creatures to creep. And God said:

Children (refrain):“This is good!”

Teacher: On morning number six God had a plan, to make all the animals that live on the land. From elephants so tall to inchworms so small, God made them all! And God said:

Children (refrain):“This is good!”

Teacher: Then God looked around and His creation He blessed, and then on Day 7, He took a good rest. And God said:

Children (refrain):“This is good!”


  1. Feed the elephant true/false questions:

                             True                                                         False

On the 1st day, God made light and dark On the 1st day, God made animals.

                  On the last day, God made animals.         God didn’t care about plants.

                  God made sun and moon and stars.         God made cars.


  1. This is the first lesson of the new year; the first day of the new liturgical year is designated as environmental awareness day. Even the smallest children can take small steps to help care for the lovely world God has given us. Have the children think of some ways their family can care for God’s world. Do they throw litter out into the street to make the world dirty? Do they recycle in their homes?
  2. Make the “Let there be Light” mobile

      Cut out moon and stars from white and

      yellow paper ahead of time. Bend coat

      hanger to round shape and tie in place.

                  Use tape at the knots to keep from slipping.


7. Alternate craft idea: Starry universe night light – Take a clear plastic cup. Give each child a piece of tinfoil, large enough to completely encase the cup. Have children use toothpick to poke multiple holes in the tinfoil, making patterns like constellations. Wrap tinfoil around cup. Put a tiny electric tea light inside the cup. When it’s dark, the light will shine thru the holes making dancing stars on the walls and serve as a night light. Remind the children that God created light!



  1. Close with prayer. Be sure to thank God for His lovely world and to ask Him to help us love it as He does.