Cyril and Methodius/Baptism of Russia

Cyril and Methodius/ Baptism of Russia

Home Activities:

Have fun with the Cyrillic alphabet this week.  

  • Even small children can copy the letters and color the pages.  Color the icon of St. Cyril and Methodius for your icon corner.
  • Older children can begin to write “secret” messages, sounding out the words and substituting the Cyrillic letters for the English ones. 
  • Or, have your child play missionary, making up an alphabet for an unknown language and “translating” the Scriptures into their new alphabet.

Prayer: Lord, bring the word of Your gospel to all the lands where You are not yet known.



















Can you write: “Cyril and Methodius brought the gospel to the Slavs”?




How about: “The alphabet used in Russia is called Cyrillic.”




Now: “Cyril and Methodius were brothers from Thessalonica.”









































Saints Vladimir and Olga