Protestant Reformation, Part 2




  1. Children should know the name of Henry the Eighth of England and that he started the Church of England.
  2. Children should know that, sadly, the church is divided into many little churches today.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Read the second half of the story of the Reformation above.

Add King Henry VIII to your timeline.


  1. Feed the Elephant True/False Questions:

True                                                 False

 Henry VIII was King of England.                      Henry was King of Jerusalem.

 Henry started his own church so he              Henry started his own church because

           could get rid of his wife.                                he loved the Lord so much.

 Baptists believe you must be all grown          Baptists worship John the Baptist.

           up to be baptized.


  1. Talk a bit about the unity of the Church. Jesus prayed a whole chapter for His Church to be one. When did He pray this? (on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper) For 1000 years, there was only one Christian Church. But, in the West, as time went on, people couldn’t agree on exactly what to believe and how to worship. How did the Church in the first 1000 years settle any disagreements? They called a Church Council and made a decision all together. Now, without the councils, there is no one to decide. So, each teacher just makes his own church. How would Jesus feel when He sees His Church all divided up now? Do we feel sad, too? Jesus calls His Church His body. How would you feel if someone cut off a finger or a toe? Does it hurt to break the body of Jesus? Do you know anyone who goes to a Christian Church that is not Orthodox? A Roman Catholic? A Baptist? A Methodist? Do they love Jesus, too? Do you love them just like Jesus loves them?


  1. Make the broken body of Christ. Take an icon of Jesus; we have lots of these in our bulletin cover file or color the one provided. Glue it to one side of a piece of construction paper. Take another copy of the same icon. Cut all the body parts apart. Glue the parts all over the other side of the paper in random order. Title one side, the Body of Christ, and the other, The Christian Church today.

  1. Close with prayer: Lord, make your Church one, just like You are One.