John Chrysostom and the Liturgy


Home Activities:

  • As you stand through liturgy this week, point out what’s going on to your child. 
  • When we get to the creed, sing it with your child. 
  • If you didn’t quite get all the memory work completed for the past two weeks, work on it again; we’ll give the children another chance next Sunday to recite their books of the Bible or Creed. 
  • Retell the story of St. John Chrysostom and the lion;
  • Visit the lions at the zoo. 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us your liturgy through the golden-tongued St. John Chrysostom.


Can you identify these liturgical items?






















4. Covers the communion bread
7. Communion cup
8. Used to receive Communion
9. Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

10. Worship place

11. Plate for the bread
1. To burn incense
2. Bread to be blessed
3. Icon screen
4. Knife for the bread
5. Covers chalice and paten
6. To clean the cup