St. Paul and His Journeys, Part 1



  1. Students should know that Saul and Paul are the same person.
  2. Students should learn the general plan of Paul’s travels, all around the Mediterranean.
  3. Students should know that Paul traveled first with Barnabas and John Mark.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. First review the story of Saul’s conversion. Read the 1st part of the story of Paul in the Beginner’s Bible 494-499, the CBR 275-277 or Read with Me Bible, pages 422-423, or the Golden Children’s Bible pages 473-477. While the distances and continents involved are beyond the comprehension of this class, ask the children about trips they have taken. How did they prepare? Where did they go? How did they travel? Who went with them? Why did they go? Compare and contrast with Paul’s journeys.

Add St. Paul and St. Barnabas to your timeline.


  1. True/False Questions:

True                                                                 False

                  Saul and Paul are the same person.                       Peter and Paul are the same person.

                  Paul escaped from Antioch in a basket.                Paul escaped Antioch in a balloon.

                  Paul went on his first trip with Barnabas.             Paul went on his first trip with Judas.

                  John Mark went with Paul and Barnabas.            John Mark stayed for the whole trip.


  1. Do you suppose Paul and Barnabas were “best friends”? They met in Antioch. Barnabas helped Paul escape and took him to Jerusalem. They went back to Antioch as a team to lead the church there. Then the church sent them off on a missionary trip together. They came back together, but without John Mark, and when they were ready to set out on the next trip, Barnabas wanted to take Mark and Paul did not feel Mark could be trusted. The two men split up over this argument! How do you suppose they felt? Have any of the children had a best friend move away? Or just quit playing with them? How do you feel if your best friend goes away without you? Paul and Barnabas, even though they were saints, were not perfect and quarreled, but later they forgave each other!


  1. Make Paul’s Basket: Take a berry basket or similar of plastic. Tie a one-yard length of yarn to the top corner. Weave in and out of holes around the basket, working your way down, tying on another length of yarn as needed. Add 4 pieces tied to the top as a hanger; this can be used for hanging small plants.


  1. Close with prayer: Lord help me to trust you to take care of me in everything I do.