Woman at the Well



1. Students should be able to tell the story of Jesus and the woman at the well.

2. Students should be able to say the word, “evangelism,” and know that it means telling people about Jesus.


Possible Lesson Plan:

1. Open with prayer.


2. Scripture reference: John 4:1-43.


3. Historical setting: The Samaritans were descendants of the Jewish people who remained in Israel after the rest of the people were carried off into captivity. They intermarried with the people of the land, but continued to worship one God, although not at the Temple in Jerusalem. The Jewish people looked down on them in general as of impure blood.


4. Discussion questions: Who made the well Jesus rested on? Review the story of Jacob and his return from exile in Genesis 33: 18-20. Why was the woman surprised that Jesus would speak to her? What kind of water did Jesus offer the woman? Who did the woman say would tell all things to the people? What was Jesus’s response? What did the woman do? What 2 things caused the people of Samaria to believe that Jesus was the coming Messiah?

This woman's name was Photini. She became one of Jesus's earliest followers and St. Photini spread the gospel throughout her life.


5. Talk a bit about evangelism: What does it mean? Was that what the woman at the well did? Was she excited to tell her friends what Jesus had said? Is there anyone you know who does not know about Jesus? Have you told them? Why or why not?


6. Learning Game: Truth or Consequences. Each student takes a turn standing as player. The teacher should ask a question based on today’s lesson. If the student knows the answer, he can sit down. If he does not know the answer, the rest of the class decides on a “consequence”, subject, of course, to veto by the teacher if there is danger or mess involved. Suggest simple but funny punishments like doing a backwards somersault or standing on the head or rubbing the stomach while patting the head.


7. Add to your time line as usual.


8. Close with prayer. Have each student select someone they know to tell about Jesus this week.