Requiem is a hard topic for young children.

Home Activities:

  • Reread the story of Lazarus, of Jairus’s daughter, of the resurrection of Jesus.  Color the icon of Lazarus.
  • Visit a cemetery and make grave rubbings; these will decorate your home as a memory of the deceased. 
  • Make your own koliva (recipe in the recipe book) and your own list of people in your family who have passed away to pray for; can you show your child pictures of his great-grandparents, etc.
  • Visit a National Cemetery on Memorial Day and lay red, white, and blue flowers or flags on the graves of servicemen.

Prayer: Lord, bless the souls of those who have gone to be with you in heaven and may their memory be eternal. Finish by singing “Memory Eternal”.




Requiem Double Puzzle

What is the service called?

What is it called in Slavonic?

What do we hold?

What food do we make?

Who did Jesus raise from the dead?

What’s the shortest verse in the Bible?

The “falling asleep” of Mary is called what?

How do we know there is life after death?


What do we sing?



Unscramble each of the clue words.
Take the letters that appear in circle boxes and unscramble them for the final message.



















Write here the names of people who have died that you wish to remember in your prayers.