Home Activities:

  • Can you take a box and, by reading the Scriptures, make a model of the temple of Solomon. This could take the kids all week!
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet.
  • Visit a maternity ward at a hospital; how could a mother not love her baby?
  • Read the stories at bedtime.

Prayer: Lord, give us the wisdom of Solomon.



Fill in the story of Solomon with the scrambled words below:

     King _________ was getting old. He had been king of ________ for many, many years. He called his wife, ____________, and told her that __________, their son, should be crowned  _________ in his place. So, they called for the priest __________ and the prophet __________ to anoint __________ king of __________.  ___________ rode a __________ thru the streets of ___________. The people shouted, “Long live ____ _______!”

     __________ learned much from his father, ________, but most of all, to love the Lord. He traveled to ________ to offer sacrifices to the Lord. There, ________ had a ______. God appeared to him in the ___________ and offered to grant him one wish. __________ asked for ________. God was so pleased by this request, that ___________ became the wisest man the earth had ever known.













Unscramble each of the clue words to read the story. Take the letters that appear in numbered boxes for the final message from God to Solomon thru his father, David.


































Can you build a model of Solomon’s Temple using these drawings plus the Scriptures as your template?


Coloring Pages:




























Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem

The Queen of Sheba Visits King Solomon