Last Judgment

Last Judgment

Home Activities:

  • Reread the story for your child.
  • Did your child come home from Church School with ways to be a sheep? Help facilitate.
  • Visit a petting zoo; compare and contrast sheep and goats.
  • Continue your Path of Preparation with the Last Judgment and also the sheep and goats. 

Prayer: Lord help me to be like a sheep and not a goat.





















2. I was thirsty and you gave me ________.
6. Put on the left hand of God
9. I was naked and you gave me no ______.
10. Put on the right hand of God
1. I was hungry and you gave me _____.
3. The sheep will inherit the _______.
4. When you help the ____ of these, you help me
5. Where the Son of Man will sit to judge
7. I was ____ and you did not visit me
8. I was a ____ and you welcomed me.