Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: the book of Ruth – a short book. At the start of class, give each student a charade. Then have them read the book silently and prepare to act out their scene for the class. The class can guess which scene is being portrayed:

Death of Naomi’s husband                 Naomi parting with Ruth and Orpah

Ruth gleaning in the fields                  Ruth meeting Boaz

The threshing floor                              Boaz redeeming the land

Marriage of Boaz and Ruth


  1. Service References: Ruth, the Moabitess, is listed in the geneology of Jesus in Matthew, read a Christmastime.


  1. Discussion: While the story of Ruth contains no battles or heroic acts, it gives us the opportunity to understand the importance of loyalty in relationships with people and with God. Ruth lived in the time of the Judges. Have the students list the positive qualities they see in Ruth (e.g., obedient, loving, hard-working, etc.). What about Naomi? Boaz? In what ways did Ruth show herself to be loyal? Was she the sort of person who did things to be noticed? Did she seem to have a lot to offer? Yet, in the end, Ruth became an ancestress to King David and through David to Jesus Himself. Why is this important?

Break into 3 groups and have each group list 5 ways to answer:

                  In a friendship, loyalty means…

                  In a family, loyalty means…

                  In a relationship with God, loyalty means…

                        Have the groups share their answers with the wholegroup. Who or what are you most loyal to? Are there specific ways you can show that loyalty? What does loyalty have to do with character? Have you ever experienced broken loyalty in a friendship? In your family? In your relationship with God? How do you feel when someone has been disloyal to you?


  1. Close with prayer: Have students pray for any ongoing situations of broken loyalty, either their own or others to them.