1. Students should be able to tell the story of Creation and what was created on which day.
  2. Students should have a basic understanding of the creationist and evolutionary theories of creation.

Possible lesson plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Scripture Reference: Genesis 1 and 2. Read also God is With Us pages 5-7.
  3. Learning Game: Missing Parts – Give each child a card with a number between 1 and 6 on it. Around the room, hide cards with the names of things God created on them, several for each day. The students should conduct a search for their “missing parts” – the things that were created on their day. Then have each student present his findings to the class. Were they right?

Day 1: light, darkness, day, night

Day 2: waters heaven,

Day 3: land, seas, trees, flowers

Day 4: sun, moon, stars

Day 5: fish, birds, sea monsters, sharks, whales

Day 6: cows, sheep, lions, elephants, toads, snakes, man

  1. Discussion: Creation is an unpopular belief today and students are subjected to the assumption that the theory of evolution is a fact. The Bible is very clear – Who created everything? How did life begin?
  2. Environmentalism however is very popular today; everyone worries about the rain forests. This is the first lesson of the new year; the first day of the new liturgical year is designated as environmental awareness day. Whom did God entrust with His creation? What responsibility do we have towards all living things? How, then, should we behave? Do you? What can be changed?
  3. Take the enclosed pattern and copy it on heavy paper, one per student. Color with markers and cut out. Fold and tape to make a diamond-shaped ornament.                    
  4. Close with prayer.