Philippians: Prayer

Philippians 4:6 – We pray to God

Scripture verse: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”


  1. Each student should begin to say prayers, however simple, at the family icon corner each day; a specific focus each week is especially good.
  2. Older students should memorize the verse.

Possible Lesson Plan:

1. Open with prayer – the Lord’s Prayer would be a good one.


2. What is prayer?  Prayer is talking to God and listening to God.  When do we pray?  How do we pray? Where do we pray?


3. Discuss with students types of prayer – prayers of asking, prayers of thanks, prayers of praise.  With older students, review the lines of the Lord’s Prayer, asking for opinions as to what type of prayer each line represents.  With younger students, ask them to suggest things they would like to ask God for, things they would like to thank God for, and things they would like to praise God for.


4. In church, we pray certain phrases over and over.  What are some of them, and which type of prayer do they represent?  E.g., “Glory to God” (praise), “Lord have mercy” and “Grant it, O Lord” (asking).  Review a litany; can the students understand and reword what is being prayed for?


5. We pray for each other.  Have students share with each other special concerns they have – for themselves, their family, their friends, etc. – and promise to pray for each others’ concerns this week.


6. Make a prayer banner for each child to

hang at home to remind them of prayer:

begin with a piece of felt, 8”x12” or 12”x

18”.  Cut out letters for younger children;

older children can do their own cutting.  Glue

letters in place.  Staple on small felt pockets for

each day.  Turn over top 1 inch and staple

around a hanger or a dowel (dowel will need

yarn or string for hanger). You can include

felt crosses or tiny icons or stickers for

decoration.  Insert cards for prayer requests. A life-size model from one of our teachers follows on the next page.


Or, use the prayer wheel made from the petitions of the litany. You can use the tiny pictures, or use stickers or pictures you cut out of magazines or catalogs. Time really limited? Print the completed Litany Prayer Wheel on cardstock, color, and take home to use in daily prayers. In prayer, personalize the litany with your own family, church, etc. 


7. Close with prayer: this time ask the children for suggestions and have them pray.