1.Children should recognize the figures in the icon, identifying Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Peter, James, and John

2.Children should remember the Old Testament stories of Moses and Elijah.

3.Children should be able to explain the reasons why we hold our hand the way we do when we cross ourselves.


Possible lesson plan:

1. Open with prayer.


2.. Show the icon of the Transfiguration. Read the story of the Transfiguration in the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 218-219, or the Golden Children’s Bible, pages 406-407. Review the stories of Moses and Elijah in the Bible as well.  Point out the figures in the icon: Jesus took 3 of His apostles – Peter, James, and John – with him up Mount Tabor.  There Jesus changed His appearance.  Transfiguration means “changing appearance”.  His face shone and His clothes shone a bright white.  Elijah and Moses appeared on each side of Jesus and a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.  Listen to Him.”  In this way, Jesus showed us all who He really was, truly God as well as truly man.


3. Feed the Elephant/True or false:

                        True                                                                             False

Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah.           Jesus appeared with Adam and Noah.

Transfiguration means changing appearance. Transfiguration happened on Mt. Sinai.

Jesus’s clothes became shining white.            Jesus turned purple and pink.

Jesus is truly God and man.                            God said from heaven, “This is a nice man.”

Jesus took Peter, James and John to               Jesus brought Judas, Andrew, and Matthew

Mt. Tabor.                                                       with him.


4. Practice making the sign of the cross:

The way we make the sign of the cross teaches us about Jesus and God.  Holding the three fingers together reminds us of God is One in Three Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Holding the other two fingers together reminds us that Jesus was both God and man.


5. Craft Idea: Make a Diorama

You will need a cardboard box for each diorama, either a large one for a class project or a shoebox size for each child.  Have the children cut out the six figures and put a pipe cleaner on the back. The background can be blue construction paper with fluffy clouds made of cotton balls.  Place Jesus in the center, with Moses (holding tablets made of construction paper) and Elijah on either side and the disciples bent over at his feet.  A bit of tape will secure the figures to the box. 

Craft too hard for little hands or require too much advance prep from teacher? Have each child lay his hand on a piece of construction paper and trace around it. Cut out the hand. Lay on contrasting construction paper. Place fingers in correct position for sign of the cross and glue in place with glue stick or glue dots.