1. Children should identify the devil, Satan, as the one who tempted Jesus.
  2. Children should know that Jesus did not sin.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Read the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 180-181, Golden Children’s Bible, pages 362-363, or the really good Arch book, “The Temptations of Jesus”. Where did Jesus go after His baptism? What is the desert like? How long did Jesus spend without food and water? What would that feel like? Who is Satan? Review the story of Adam and Eve. What three temptations did Satan present to Jesus? Did Jesus sin?


  1. True/False Questions:

True                                                     False

            Satan tempted Jesus.                                       God tempted Jesus.

            Jesus went to the desert after His baptism.    Jesus went home to Nazareth.

            Jesus didn’t eat or drink for 40 days.             Jesus had plenty to eat and drink.


  1. Ask some questions: Have you ever been tempted to do wrong? To disobey God or your parents? What might tempt you? Did you give in and do the wrong thing? Is it hard to always obey God and your parents?


  1. Play “Pin the Cross on the Devil”: Make a black paper or poster-board devil and tape it to the classroom wall. Make a small paper cross for each child. Glue a red heart on the devil. Blindfold the children one by one and have them pin or tape their cross to the devil. Whoever is closest to the heart is the winner! Who does the cross represent? Does the cross defeat the devil?

  1. Make a devil mask: Take a red or black plate. Draw mean-looking features and cut out eyes. Add horns. Tape on Popsicle stick to hold it with. Now pose some situations:

A dollar bill is on the floor.

            A friend left her candy on her desk.

            I can go to Hershey Park on Sunday morning.

Have the children decide what the devil would say with their devil masks. What would Jesus say to answer the devil?


  1. Close with prayer.