David and Goliath



Home Activities:

  • Begin memorizing the 23rd Psalm.
  • Slingshot practice, anyone?
  • Outdoors with lots of space and no windows nearby.
  • Visit the sheep again at the petting zoo. What are their characteristics.
  • Know anyone with a harp? Try playing it. Or listen to harp music – is it soothing?
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet. Older children can color the comic strip and enjoy reading the story for themselves. 
  • Use the ornament cube to review the major figures up to King David. Can you identify each and tell their story?
  • Read the stories at bedtime.

Prayer: Lord, give us victory over giants, as You did David.






















3. David played me to sooth King Saul.
4. I was a giant.
5. I anointed David king.
7. I was the son of King Saul.
8. David was a ___________ boy.
9. I was God's chosen people.
1. I am the first king of Israel.
2. I am the birthplace of David.
5. David used me to kill the giant.
6. I killed the giant Goliath.
7. I was David's father.


Coloring Pages:




























David was a Shepherd Boy





























David defeats Goliath with his Sling