Wedding at Cana

Wedding at Cana

Home Activities:

  • Show your child pictures of your wedding. Sing the Wedding Processional (accompanied by the instruments made in Church School)—music included
  • Make grape juice with your child from water; explain how Jesus made the water turn into wine without a can of juice.
  • Read the story at bedtime each night.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for blessing the wedding at Cana, and bless the wedding of my parents. Amen.

Jesus Turns Water into Wine


1. town where the wedding (and Jesus' first miracle) took place

2. people in charge

6. event that seems impossible to explain

7. the bad things we think about, do and say; anything that is against God

8. city where Jesus and his family and friends traveled after Jesus' first miracle


1. people or visitors at the celebration

3. be kind and listen

4. the term of respect Jesus used when speaking to His mother

5. when we think we know what is best

7. helpers

9. Jesus' mother's name