Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: I Kingdoms/I Samuel 9-13,15, 28, 31. Actually, you could read the whole book of I Kingdoms/I Samuel, since the stories of Saul, Samuel, and David interweave so tightly. But, in the interests of class time…Since we’re condensing, be sure the students understand that, while early in Saul’s career he was rejected by Samuel as God’s choice and David was anointed, Saul ruled for decades more, first with David as a trusted ally, then hunting David like a criminal, moving farther from the Lord with each passing year. Assign a chapter or two to each student. Have the student summarize it for the others with an eye to the following questions:

What happens in the chapter?

What does the chapter reveal about the character of Saul?

Finally, for everyone, why did God take Saul’s kingdom away? What does it mean that God prefers obedience more than sacrifice?


  1. Discussion: While most of the action occurs in the earlier chapters, we will focus here on chapter 28. Samuel is dead and Saul is desperate for advice. Where does he turn? In addition to mediums, what are some other examples of counterfeit spiritual forces in our society? Brainstorm: witchcraft, Eastern meditation, channeling, tarot, ouija boards, astrology, New Age spiritual leaders, etc. Are they active today? Give examples of situations in your own life where you have confronted these things. Is their activity growing? Why or why not? Should Christians be open to new methods of spiritual guidance? Can a person be a Christian and still believe his horoscope? Is there any truth in the guidance given? Remember that the medium did manage to conjure up Samuel! The Scriptures repeatedly outlaw these counterfeit spiritual forces, not because they have no power or vision, but because they open us to the darker spiritual forces. Where should we go for guidance? How can we respond to friends and neighbors who want to “share” their latest spiritual trip with us? Want to take us with them? To the charge of the “politically correct” that we are too rigid and unwilling to have an open mind? Does anyone have a friend or acquaintance who is heavily “into” these practices? Can you think of any way to help him or her see the truth. Some churches have even banned the Harry Potter books; would these also be considered witchcraft or fiction? Why or why not?


  1. Close with prayer: Ask the teens to pray for their friends who have fallen prey to Satan and his devices and to have the courage to speak out in love.