1. Children should be able to say the word “Pentecost” and know that this feast is the birthday of the Church.
  2. Children should know that the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost.
  3. Children should be able to identify the characters in the icon and tell the story.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Read the story of Pentecost in the Beginner’s Bible, pages 473-479, the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 268-269, or the Read with Me Bible, pages 404-407. Use the Golden Children’s Bible, pages 362-363, as a supplement, if desired.  Use the icon as a storytelling aid, identifying the characters and their roles. Who’s the little person in the center? (He represents the whole world.) Think a bit about the whole world – all the different peoples and customs. If you have pictures or dolls of people from around the world, show them now. Do they all dress alike? Look alike? But God sent His Spirit to all of us.


  1. Feed the Elephant:   True                                                  False

            The Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost      Jesus was born on Pentecost.

            Mary and the disciples were in Jerusalem.      Pentecost happened in Rome.

            Tongues of fire appeared over the heads.       Elephants appeared over their heads.

            A great wind filled the room.                         The roof leaked and rain poured in.

            The disciples spoke in many languages.          The disciples crawled off and hid.


  1. Blow bubbles: Have the children blow bubbles, one by one or all together.  What made the bubbles?  Can you see the air that filled them? Where did the air come from? (inside us) Wind is like that.  Where does it come from?  Can we see the wind?  Can we see what it does?  Turn on a fan and watch their hair blow, pieces of paper move, etc.  Can something invisible be very strong?  When is the wind very strong? (tornado, hurricane, etc.)  The Holy Spirit is like the wind.  We cannot see it, but we can feel it.  It is very strong.  It is all around us and in us.  So when the Holy Spirit came, the disciples could not see it, but they felt it and could hear it blowing and it changed their lives.  Experience the invisible wind by printing the dove on paper, folding like a fan, and fanning. When did the Holy Spirit descend as a dove? Yes, at Theophany. Remind the children of the story of Jesus's baptism. The day when the Holy Spirit came down is called Pentecost; practice the word.

When did each of us receive the Holy Spirit? (Chrismation)

  1. The Church was born on Pentecost.  Even though Jesus had risen from the dead, the disciples were still frightened and didn’t know what to do.  After the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples could speak many languages and they were no longer afraid.  They went all over the world, telling people about Jesus.  They began to love each other.  They gave away their clothes and shared their food.  Their whole lives were changed.  But, they didn’t all do the same thing; the Holy Spirit came to each in a special way.  What did some of the disciples do after Pentecost? (wrote gospels, traveled to far lands, baptized people, died for Christ)  Have a Birthday Party for the Church, complete with cake and candles.  How old is the Church?


  1. Make flame headdresses, just like Indian headdresses but with flames in the back made of red, yellow, and orange construction paper.  Wear them!


  1. Close with prayer.  Sing or recite “O Heavenly King”.