Ages 3-5 The Gospels - Overview (Schedule, Recipes, etc..)



AGES 3-5

This file is provided as a resource for Church School directors. Feel free to plug in your own dates and your own teachers.







     Special Notes

September  12








Nativity of Theotokos/

Presentation of Theotokos


Movie Night



Birth of John the Baptist






Outdoor, Parish-wide

October      3












Nativity of Our Lord


Meeting of Our Lord


The Three Kings


Movie Night

Flight to Egypt


Nazareth and the Temple/

All Saints Party





Memory Work: St.

     Simeon’s Prayer





Operation Christmas Child due

Dress as favorite gospel character

November  7











Temptations of Jesus


Movie Night

Wedding at Cana


Calling of the Fishermen



Memory : Troparion

Jar Decorating



Jewish Dancing



Memory Work:

Four Fishermen

December  4








St. Nicholas Festival

Calling of Matthew


Woman at the Well


Christmas Pageant


Sermon on the Mount


10 AM-1 PM in hall







Memory Work: 1st Beatitude

January      2











Walking on Water/Calming of Storm


Feeding of 5000


Movie Night



The Good Samaritan


Parable of the Sower




Canned Goods

3 Kings Party




Health Kits

February    6











Prodigal Son


Last Judgment








Homeless Bags


March         5









Movie Night







Palm Sunday




Antiochian Art Contest




April           2











Marathon Movie Night

Last Supper






PASCHA: No Church School

Easter Egg Hunt


Rehearsal for Passion Plan/Musical






Memory Work: “Christ is Risen”  in 3 languages





May          1









Passion Play/Musical


Doubting Thomas


Camping Trip Ages 6-12


Myrrh-bearing Women


Road to Emmaeus



For Parish/Public???


Piggy Banks Due

June          5









Lord’s Prayer




Memory Work: Lord’s Prayer

Awards Ceremony

Classroom supplies: Each class is supplied with the following items:

Paper plates, small and large              Scissors                                               Stapler/Staples

Paper, plain and construction             Tape and dispenser                             Paper bags

Glue or glue sticks                              Crayons and/or markers                      Cotton Balls   

Popsicle sticks                                     Chenille (colored pipe cleaners)         Sharpies

If you use the last of something, please either replace it or let me know so I can replace it. If you need special craft supplies for your lesson, submit the receipt to me for reimbursement.

Books are available for class use. While each child in the younger classes will have a copy of the Beginner’s Bible, and it’s always fun to start out in your very own Bible book, many times we must supplement with the teacher’s copies of the Children’s Bible Reader, Read with Me Bible, Golden Children’s Bible, or other books. Watch the lesson plan for page numbers and details. Each has strengths and weaknesses: Children’s Bible Reader is Orthodox but no longer in print, First Bible has great pictures but not much content, Golden Bible has the most content and lovely pictures but way too long, etc. And not a one has ALL of the stories we need.



Teaching Schedule: We all know that there will be last-minute needs; trade with someone if you cannot teach on your assigned day and let the director know!

Insurance: Each of us must “apply” each year for our volunteer position of teacher. Please be sure not to send small children to the bathroom unattended and accompany your charges back to the Social Hall after class.

Opening Exercises: The Church School director will supervise this time, or delegate it when she is absent. Church School children and teachers are dismissed first from Liturgy; children come straight across for snack during opening exercises. These are an integral part of the curriculum – reviewing material from previous weeks, presenting additional Old Testament characters, rehearsing plays, hearing memory work, and playing quiz games.

Curriculum:  With each lesson, I have included True/False questions. If you have any 3-5-year-olds, make your classroom elephant now. He’s very easy, and each week, when we tell a story, we do true/false afterwards by writing the statements on paper peanuts and feeding the elephant the true ones and stomping on the rotten (false) peanuts. Just take a cardboard box, tape the top shut, and glue on an elephant face out of construction paper (or foam). Cut out a mouth big enough for paper peanuts to fit through. Glue on ears and a trunk, being sure to glue the trunk only above the mouth so the children can lift it to insert the good peanuts. Color in wrinkles and eyes. Then, each week, write the true/false statements on construction paper pieces cut like peanuts and go around the circle. Each child selects a “peanut”, you read it to him, and the class decides whether he should feed it or stomp it! Just be sure you have at least one paper peanut for each child!

Hand-Outs: Feel free to use the coloring pages in the Parents' Guide for take homes at the end of the lesson.

Movie Nights and Parties: We will have supper after vespers on Saturday night while showing a small children’s movie. Only on marathon movie night are we having a feature for older children with overnight. We also have lots of parties planned, as well as the St. Nicholas gala festival.


                            CLAYS                                                                  PAINTS

SALT DOUGH                                                         FINGER PAINT (4 WAYS)

2 cups flour                                                                 Use pudding with food coloring!

1 cup salt                                                                     Mix liquid starch and food coloring.

about 1 cup water                                                       Mix 3 T sugar, ½ cup cornstarch, and

food coloring                                                                          2 cups cold water. Cook over

bath oil, vegetable oil, peppermint oil                         low heat, stirring, till thick.

            Mix flour and salt. Add water                                    Pour into muffin tin. Add

slowly and mix with your fingers until                                   food coloring to each cup.

it makes dough. Knead in a few drops

food coloring and a splotch of oil (if                          SAND PAINT

desired). Store in air-tight container.                          Add dry tempera paint to corn meal.

                                                                                    Sprinkle over areas “painted” with thinned white glue

SELF-HARDENING CLAY               

1 cup sand                                                                    for a sand effect. Shake off excess.

½ cup cornstarch

1 tsp powdered alum                                                                          PASTES

¾ cup hot water                                                          PRIMARY PASTE

Food coloring if desired                                             Mix ½ cup water and 1 cup flour

            Mix sand, cornstarch and alum                                   in a bowl. Spoon into a jar

in large pot. Add hot water and stir                                       or squeeze bottle to store.

vigorously. Add food coloring if

desired. Cook over medium heat                                PAPIER MACHE PASTE

until thick, stirring constantly.                                    3 cups water

After cooling, store in airtight container.                    1 ½ cups flour

                                                                                                Mix flour with cold water until lumps are gone.

SAWDUST CLAY                    

2 cups fine sawdust                                                    Dip strips of newsprint in paste and mold around

1 cup flour                                                                   surface to be shaped. Air dry.

            Mix sawdust and flour in bowl

or bucket. Add a little water at a time,

stirring till it is stiff but pliable. Knead

till it’s elastic and easy to shape. Store

in airtight container. Air dry.



2 cups cornstarch

4 cups baking soda

2 ½ cups water

            Mix cornstarch and soda in large

pot. Add water. Cook, stirring, over medium

heat until thick like mashed potatoes. After

cool, knead on wax paper for 5 minutes. Store

in an airtight container. Air dry.