Adam and Eve and the Fall




1.   Children should be identify Adam and Eve, the Holy Forefathers.

2.   Children should be able to tell the story of the Fall.

3.   Children should identify Satan, the snake.


Possible Lesson Plan:

1. Open with prayer.


2. Scripture Reference: Genesis 3.


3. Learning Game: Skit – Have the students each take a role in the story: Adam, Eve, Satan, God. The rest can be animals. Have them re-enact the story as they remember it after reading it with you.


4. Discussion: Why did God create people? Why did Adam and Eve sin? Why did God let them? Do we ever disobey our parents? God? Why is it so easy to disobey when we know better? Why do we choose to disobey? What happens when we disobey? What excuses did Adam and Eve make for disobeying God? What excuses do we make?


5. Make Egg People: Take 2 L’eggs eggs for

each student. These will be Adam and Eve.

Give each student 2 hunks of modeling clay

for bases. For each, remove the short, fat end

of the egg and discard. Press the rounded                                  

end of the larger half into the base. Decorate

the egg as a face with eyes, nose, mouth, and

ears made of felt, beads, paper, etc. Fill eggs

with potting soil. Add a scattering of grass

seed on the top. Water. Place in sunlight and

keep watered and the grass will sprout and

become the hair!


6. Close with prayer.