Proverbs and Song of Songs




  1. Children should identify Solomon as the author of these books and also Ecclesiastes.
  2. Children should identify Proverbs as a book of wise sayings.
  3. Children should identify Song of Songs as a love poem of Solomon.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. There are some Proverbs in the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 139-140. Read the Arch Book on Proverbs. Have each child pick a favorite Proverb and write that proverb on a small piece of paper for him.


  1. Discuss the love of God: Does God love us? Why?  How does He show His love for us? How did He show His love for Solomon? For Noah? For David? For Hannah? For Ruth? For Moses? Do we love God? How do we show our love for God? How did Solomon? How did Noah?… Sing “Jesus Loves Me”.


  1. Make a Valentine… for God? For one of His children in a hospice or orphanage or hospital? Use red and pink paper hearts, doilies, stickers, etc.


  1. Make a Proverbs Banner:

Take a 12x18-inch piece of felt.

Fold over one short end around

a hanger and staple. Write the

child’s chosen verse from Proverbs


on the banner with marker, or cut

out or buy letters to glue on.

Have the children read their banners

to each other and memorize their



  1. Alternate craft: Ant paper bag puppet. Read what Proverbs has to say about the remarkable ant. Then cut a head out of red or yellow construction paper, color eyes and mouth, attach pipe-cleaner antennae, and glue to fold-over of paper bag. Cut body from black and make legs from folded strips of paper or pipe cleaners. Glue to main part of bag. Insert hand and make ant talk, telling about its life and hard work!



  1. Close with prayer.