1. Children should be able to identify and name “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”.
  2. Children should be able to tell the stories of Jacob and Esau, Jacob’s ladder, and Jacob and Rachel.
  3. Children should recognize “Israel” as the name God gave to Jacob, later to be the name of God’s chosen people.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Scripture Reference: Genesis 25: 21-34, chapters 27-29, 31:1-7, chapter 33.


  1. Learning Game: Try “The Big Step” – Students begin along the back wall of the classroom. Each is in turn asked a question; if he can answer the question, he gets to take as large a step as he can. If not, he loses that turn. Some questions for this chapter might be:

Who was Isaac’s first-born son?

Who sold his birthright for a pot of stew?

Who received Isaac’s blessing?

How did Jacob deceive Isaac into giving him the blessing?

Who was Rebekah’s brother?

Where did Laban live?

What did Jacob see on the ladder?

Who was Jacob’s first wife?

Who was Jacob’s favorite wife?


  1. Add Jacob and Esau to your family tree. Then add Leah and Rachel to Jacob.


  1. Discuss lying and cheating: Did Jacob lie to Isaac to cheat Esau from his inheritance? Was this right? Was Esau happy with Jacob or angry? Have we ever lied? Has anyone ever lied to us or about us? How do we feel? What happened when Jacob returned to the land of Esau? Retell the story of the Prodigal Son: How is this like the return of Jacob to his homeland?

  1. Make a Story Wheel: Divide a paper

plate into 5 sections. Have each child

draw a picture in each section: Jacob

with Isaac, Jacob and the ladder, Jacob

marrying Rachel, Jacob leaving Laban to go home, Jacob meeting Esau. Take a 2nd

plate and cut out 1 section. Put over the other plate and secure with a brad. Now

tell the stories, one by one, as you turn the

upper plate and reveal the pictures.


  1. Close with prayer.