1. Children should be able to tell the story of Elijah – his feeding by the ravens, his meeting with the prophets of Baal, the “still, small voice”, and the fiery chariot.
  2. Children should identify Ahab and Jezebel as an evil king and queen.
  3. Children should identify Elijah’s student and disciple, Elisha.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Read the story of Elijah from the Beginner’s Bible, pages 201-221, the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 141-144, First Bible, pages 112-117, or the Read with Me Bible pages 194-209 plus the Golden Children’s Bible 276-277.  Be sure to identify Jezebel as the queen of King Ahab, since she is left out of the Children’s Bible Reader. This would be the time to discuss with the children the split among the Jewish people that occurred around 900 BC, dividing the land into Israel in the north with its capital of Samaria and Judah in the south with Jerusalem its capital. Elijah lived in the north and Ahab and Jezebel were king and queen of Israel.

Add Elijah to your timeline.

  1. Feed the Elephant True/False questions:

                                        True                                                     False

                  Elijah was fed by ravens.                          Elijah was fed by a dove.

                  God sent fire from heaven.                       Baal sent fire from heaven.

                  Elisha was the disciple of Elijah.              Noah was the disciple of Elijah.

                  Jezebel was a wicked queen.                    Ruth was a wicked queen.

                  Elijah was taken by a fiery chariot.           Elijah died and was buried.


  1. Talk about prayer: How does God speak to us? How did He speak to Elijah? In a voice of thunder (as He did at Jesus’s baptism)? In an earthquake? In a wind (as He did at Pentecost)? Or does He speak when we are quiet in a still, small voice? Have the children practice being quiet before God.


  1. Re-enact the scene with the prophets of Baal: Build an altar of blocks. Attach 10-14-inch lengths of orange and yellow crepe paper with tape to the blocks. Have children retell the story. When the fire comes down from heaven, turn on a small fan and watch the flames come alive!


  1. Make a “Handprint Raven”: Fold a piece of black construction paper in half. Place child’s hand on the fold and trace. Fold each half out at finger line. Glue together thumbs (head) and body. Glue on orange paper beak and eyes.
  2. Alternate craft: Paper bag raven: Use black bags or color them black. Cut out 2 black wings and glue to back of bag. Glue on eyes and beak and feet. Can you put on a play with all the ravens feeding Elijah?




  1. Close with prayer: This time in silent prayer with the children practicing their silence!