St. Paul: Final Journey to Rome



Paul’s Final Journey to Rome: 59-64 A.D., Acts 22-28 – continue in the pattern of the previous lessons:


        1. The Journey itself:

  1. Jerusalem, vow of purification, arrest, Sanhedrin, plot: Acts 21:26-33, 22:23-27,


  1. Caesarea, Felix and Festus, King Agrippa, appeal to Caesar: Acts 23:23-24, 33-

            35, 24:27, 25:9-12, 25:22-25

            C.        Crete, storm: Acts 27:1-8, 18-26, 41-44

            D.        Malta, snakebite: Acts 28:1-6

            E.         Rome, 2 years house arrest, Nero’s persecutions: Acts 28:11-16, 30-31

  1. Death by beheading


       2. Places and their context:

Jerusalem: Capital of the Jewish people and heart of temple worship. Who built the first temple? (Solomon) Who built the temple standing in the days of Jesus? (King Herod) Find Jerusalem on a map. This is the Holy Land, the city where Jesus died and rose again. Look at pictures, if you have them. Today, after centuries of rule by the Turks and later the British, the Jewish people have Jerusalem again in their own land of Israel.

Crete: Island nation. Remember the story of the Minotaur and Jason and the Golden Fleece?

Rome: Capital of the Roman Empire. Look at pictures – the Pantheon, Coliseum, Forum -- all date from the days of the Romans. The Emperor lived here.

Significance of St. Paul:

            Take this discussion where it leads you. Paul is thought by many to have been the prime mover in the spread of the early Christian church. Look at your maps. He went everywhere! He was even hoping to visit Spain before his death. He never knew Jesus in this life, but was a great servant of the Lord after his conversion. What would have been different had Paul never lived?


Final Quiz Questions:

            Begin with a verbal review of all the quiz questions for the previous 2 lessons.

  1. Name at least 4 places visited by Paul on his final journey to Rome.
  2. What characteristics from Paul’s childhood were important in the temple? In Rome?
  3. Identify these cities:

Capital of the Jewish nation.

Large island in the Mediterranean, home of the Minotaur

Small island where Paul was bit by a snake

Capital of the Empire, where Paul was killed.


Primstav: No one needed to add this week, but lots of possibilities…St. Onesimus (the slave) on February 15? Review the book of Philemon, one of the many letters of St. Paul in the Bible. How about St. Titus on August 25? Review his travels with Paul. What symbols would you use for each of these. Onesimus was a slave; Titus became Bishop of Crete. What else was Crete known for?


Close with Prayer.