Mary of Egypt

St. Mary of Egypt

Home Activities:

  • Mary lived a life of fasting and prayer.  Try a day of total silence, or a day of bread and water only (No, your child will not starve to death!), or to pray for even one hour without stopping. 
  • Or, if your child is intrigued and motivated, try a hermit day – all alone in a room with only a Bible and water and bread, in total silence except for prayer – the ultimate “time out”. 
  • Look at pictures of deserts in National Geographic or library books; think about the heat and dryness. 
  • While your child is “enjoying” hermit-day, visit him or her briefly as Fr. Zossima did, possibly bring a bit of honey for the bread and an icon picture for him to color.

Prayer: Lord, help me to pray each day with your beloved saint, Mary of Egypt.