Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Read the story of Tobit: Have each student read 1 or 2 chapters; there are 14 chapters in the book of Tobit. The story itself is quite an adventure – have the students act it out if they are so-inclined. Main characters could be Tobit, Tobias, the angel Raphael, Sarah and her father, Raguel.


  1. Discussion: What is the Apocrypha? (books contained in the Greek version of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint, but not in the Hebrew. Why do some Christians include it in their Bible and some do not? Do we include these books in the Bible? Check your Orthodox Study Bible. Where are they? Where is the book of Tobit?


  1. Historically, the story of Tobit occurs during the days of the Assyrians, and Tobit lives in Ninevah. What does he recommend to Tobias in the last chapter? Which prophet prophesied the destruction of Ninevah? (Jonah)


  1. The church fathers view the book of Tobit as a type of God’s relationship with man throughout history. How does God work in the lives of Tobit and of Tobias? What means does God use?


  1. Tobit is a charitable man, and also a wise one. Read the 4th chapter very carefully. What counsel does Tobit give Tobias, knowing he may never see him again? What counsel would you give your best friend as he or she was about to leave for college or for a foreign country. Make a list of the most important pieces of advice you could give.
  2. Close with prayer. Pray a special prayer to live this week by the wisest piece of advice you've chosen for your best friend.