1. Children should be able to identify the Archangel Raphael and know that angels are heavenly beings. .
  2. Children should be able to tell the story of Tobit.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Tell the story of Tobit (use highlighted words for the game board):

During the sad days when the Jewish people were held as slaves by

the Babylonians, there lived a man named Tobit. Tobit had a son named Tobias. Tobit and Tobias, even though they were captives of the Babylonians, helped their fellow-Hebrews whenever they could. Because of this, the king Esarhaddon did not like Tobit and Tobias and made their lives hard. Finally Tobit became blind; he could not see at all. Life seemed hopeless, and Tobit prayed to God that he should die.

At the same time, in Ecbatana, there lived a Hebrew girl named Sarah. She was also praying to God. Seven times she was married; and seven times the demon Asmodaeus killed her new husband on their wedding night.

One day, Tobit sent his son Tobias to Media to collect ten silver coins; they needed the coins to live since Tobit could not work.  He hired a man named Azariah as a traveling companion, but Azariah was really the angel Raphael, sent by God to heal both Tobit and Sarah.  As they traveled by the river Tigris, Tobias caught a fish. Azariah told him to save the heart, liver, and gall of the fish. Soon Tobias arrived in Ecbatana. There he met Sarah. They were cousins! Tobias fell in love with Sarah and they decided to get married. On their wedding night, Tobias burned the heart and liver of the fish; the awful smell drove the wicked demon away to Egypt. Sarah and Tobias were saved!

Tobias returned home to his father. What rejoicing! He had been gone so long that Tobit had thought he had been killed. Tobias rubbed his father’s eyes with the gall of the fish. Tobit could see again!  They thanked God for His faithfulness and goodness in sending the angel Raphael to help them.

Add Tobias with Raphael to your timeline.

  1. True/False questions:

                              True                                                 False

      Tobit was a Jewish man in Babylon.         Tobit was a Babylonian.

      Tobias was the son of Tobit.                     Raphael was the son of Tobit.

      Azariah was the angel Raphael.                Azariah was a demon.

      Sarah married Tobias.                               Sarah married Tobit.


  1. Make a story spinner. Print the pictures from the story. Color and glue in 4 sections to paper plate. Make a spinner from a brad and a paperclip. Can you tell the story with the pictures?

  1. Close with prayer.