Stoning of Stephen

Stephen, the first martyr


            The story of Stephen is in Acts 6 and 7.  After the blessing of Pentecost, it is hard to face the reality of death. 

Home Activities:

  • Remind your child of older family members or friends who may have gone to be with the Lord; make koliva and celebrate a memorial service or visit the cemetery. 
  • As you go for a walk, look for stones; might be a good time to begin a rock collection, but discuss what the stones did to Stephen as well. 
  • With a small child, remember that he saw angels; sing “All night, All day”. 
  • With a school-age child, this might be a good week to watch TV or movies with your child, specifically looking for instances of anger and violence and comparing them with the anger of the Jews.  What would he do in the same situation as the character?   Look for situations where you could stand up for Christ as Stephen did.

All night, all day
Angels watchin' over me my Lord
All night, all day
Angels watchin' over me

Now I lay me down to sleep
Angels watchin' over me, my Lord
Pray the Lord my soul to keep
Angels watchin' over me


Prayer: Lord bless all our family and friends who are in heaven and protect all of us on earth with your holy angels.


What did Stephen say as he gave up his spirit?