Titus and Philemon



This week we will be slaves.

Home Activities:

  • Reread the stories of Joseph with Potiphar, the Hebrew people in the days of Moses, the slaves in early American history.
  • Retell the story of Onesimus, the runaway slave who went back to ask forgiveness of his master Philemon.  Color their picture.
  • Memory verses: Ph 16  for ages 3-7, T 2:15 ages 8-10,  T 3:3,5 for middle school. Remember that the word puzzle is for the 8-10 memory work.
  • Make lots of paper chains for your tree as you talk about slavery.

Prayer: Lord, bless with freedom all those held in slavery around the world.



TITUS 2:15


Unscramble the letters in the circle boxes to find the second half of the verse: