Adam and Eve and the Fall



1.   Students should identify Adam and Eve, the Holy Forefathers.

2.   Students should be able to tell the story of the Fall.

3.   Students should identify Satan, the snake, Lucifer, the fallen angel.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Scripture Reference: Genesis 3. Read also God is With Us pages 8-11.


  1. Learning Game: Skit – Have the students each take a role in the story: Adam, Eve, Satan, God. The rest can be animals. Have them re-enact the story as they remember it after reading it with you.


  1. Discussion: Who is Satan? What happened to Lucifer, the greatest of all angels? Why was he thrown out of heaven? Why did God create people? What excuse did Adam and Eve make for disobeying God?


  1. In the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, which we recite during the first week of Great Lent, St. Andrew laments: “For failing to observe just one of Your commandments, O Savour, Adam was justly exiled from Eden. What then shall I suffer for continually ignoring Your words of life?” Why did Adam and Eve sin? Why did God let them? Do we ever disobey our parents? God? Why is it so easy to disobey when we know better? Why do we choose to disobey? What happens when we disobey? Do we also make excuses? What temptation did Adam and Eve face? What temptations do you face? What was the outcome of the story? What happened to Adam and Eve? What happens to us when we sin? If we “get caught”? If we don’t “get caught”?

  1. Make a Bead Fruit: Each student should receive 6 red pipe cleaners, each cut in half, making 12 pieces. String 12 red beads onto each piece, leaving both ends clear. Line up all 12 beaded pieces and twist one end together. This is the upper part of the “apple”. Now bend each pipe cleaner around forming a ball with the twisted part in the center. Shape into a sphere and twist the other end together and cut short, forming the bottom. Take a short green pipe cleaner and form a leaf and twist it onto the top of the fruit, with one end bent as a hanger.


  1. Close with prayer. Have each student name a temptation common to their generation and all pray to obey God in that situation in the future.