The Crusades

Home Activities:

  • Time to march again; organize the neighborhood children’s crusade.  But, don’t forget to remind your child of the defeat of the crusaders and of the sack of Constantinople; facts left out of many Western histories. 
  • Is your child’s room a mess?  Compare that to the pillaging of Constantinople and see how much time and effort it takes to get all in order again. 
  • Let your child see you “steal” several of his prize possessions and hide them away; feel the grief and sadness together (then return the “lovies”). 
  • Visit the Walters again; see the suits of armor and other artifacts from the Middle Ages in the West. 
  • Build a castle from blocks or poster board. 
  • Have a “feudal day” with girls dressed in long skirts and tall, pointed hats, boys in armor and shields, no electricity, no silverware except a knife, roast your dinner in the fireplace or over the grill. 
  • Try a visit to the Medieval Times at the mall. Watch the old “Robin Hood” movie together; Richard the Lion-hearted was gone because of the Crusades.

Prayer: Lord, help us never to hurt others in Your name. 


Can you put these events in the right order, 1-16? Try a timeline, complete with pictures:

_____  French children sold as slaves.


_____ Pope Urban calls on Christians to take Jerusalem back from Moslems.


_____  Crusaders steal riches of Constantinople.


_____  Mohammed born in Mecca.


_____  Richard the Lionheart talks to Saladin.


_____  French children march to the sea to board ships for the Holy Land.


_____  Third Crusade with Richard, Frederick, and Philip sets out.


_____  Jerusalem captured back from Moslems the first time.


_____  Richard the Lionheart captured and imprisoned.


_____  People sew crosses on their tunics.


_____  Moslems capture Jerusalem for the first time.


_____  Frederick Red Beard of Germany drowned.


_____  Pirates capture French children at the seashore.


_____  Crusaders build castles in Jerusalem.


_____  Crusaders attack Constantinople.


_____  Saladin allows Third Crusaders into Jerusalem in peace.