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  1. Children should be able to tell the story of Abraham.
  2. Children should identify Abraham as the father of the Jewish people, chosen by God.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: Genesis 12:1-8, 17:1-8, 18:1-15. Follow their journey on the map. 


  1. Learning Game: Pictionary. Give each student a scene from the story: Abraham leaving Haran, Abraham with the 3 men, Sarah laughing, etc. He should begin to draw his scene on the board, with the other students trying to guess which event in the life of Abraham is being depicted.


  1. Discussion: Abraham is held up in the New Testament as an example of faith. What did God ask Abram to do? What questions would you have had of God before selling everything and loading your camels? How did Abram become Abraham? Why did God give him a new name? Sometimes we take a new name at baptism. Why?


7.   Make a Trinity icon: The story of the 3 men visiting Abraham is the source for

the very well-known icon of the Trinity with the 3 Persons seated at a table. First have the students paint a wooden plaque about 5x7 a solid color with acrylic paint. While that’s drying, take a copy of the icon for each student about 3x4. Glue to the plaque, which should be dry now. Take them home and spray with clear spray after they dry overnight.


8.   Alternate craft idea: Traveling Bag – Take a pillowcase for each child. Thread    

      a piece of clothesline through the open hemmed end to make a drawstring   

      closure. Dip feet in paint or draw around feet with fabric markers to decorate.


9. Close with prayer.