John I, II, II


I John is called the love book for good reason.

Home Activities:

  • Memorize the verse from I John: 4:16 for ages 3-7, 1:1 for 8-10, 2:15-17 for middle School. Remember that the word puzzle is for the 8-10 memory work.
  • Color the picture and make a wreath for your child's door or for your refrigerator.
  • Make Valentines (I know it’s just a little late) for shut-ins or friends with a tiny icon or Scripture verse inside.
  • Sing “A New Commandment” as you drive along or take a bath.
  • Play with the puzzle you made in Church School.
  • Each child was asked to show special love for someone specific this week; help your child with this project. A card for Grandma? A visit to the nursing home? A chore done at home?

Prayer: Lord, help me to show God’s love to others this week and every week.



I JOHN 1:1