1. Students should identify Solomon as David’s son.
  2. Students should know that Solomon chose wisdom as his gift.
  3. Students should know that Solomon built the great temple in Jerusalem.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: 3 Kingdoms/I Kings 1:32-37, chapter 3.

Last week we learned about Samuel picking David to be the king of the Promised Land.

David was a good king.

He was such a good king that God promised him that someone from his family would always be king.

After David grew old and died, his son became the king.

His son's name was Solomon.

One night when Solomon was asleep, God talked to him in a dream.

In his dream God told Solomon He would give him anything he wanted.

                                  What would you have asked for if you were Solomon?


                         !       _____________________________________________


Solomon didn't ask for a big palace.

He didn't ask for fancy chariots and lots of horses.

He didn't ask God to give him lots of gold and jewels.

He didn't even ask for God to make him the strongest king.

Solomon was afraid he might not be a good king.

Many people lived in Solomon’s kingdom.

There were so many people that Solomon didn't know how he could be a good ruler to all of them.

So Solomon asked God to give him wisdom so he would know how to rule people in the right way. 

God was happy that Solomon asked Him to make him wise.

God said to Solomon, "You could have asked me to give you riches. 

You could have asked for a long life.  

But instead you asked for wisdom to help you to be a good king."  

God was pleased that Solomon asked for wisdom.

God told Solomon that because he asked for the right thing, he would make him the wisest king.

But God told Solomon that He would also give him what he didn't ask for.

He told him He would give him lots of riches and make him the greatest king alive.

God also asked Solomon to build Him a great temple in Jerusalem.

This temple would have three sections:  the outer court, the inner court, and the Holy of Holies.

                       Why were there three sections?  Who was allowed in these areas?






God was very pleased that Solomon asked for wisdom because wisdom would make him a better king.  

God wants us to ask for the kind of things that will make us better people, too. 



What kinds of things do you think we should ask God for that will help us to become better people?


To help us be kind to someone we don't like.


To help us to see the nice things about someone we don't like.


To help us care about others.








God is pleased when we ask God for the kinds of things that will make us better people.


  1. Try a Word Jumble:

1. God allowed me to build His temple.                                      MONSOLO

2. I am a prophet who gave David and Solomon good advice     TANANH

3. I am the father of Adonijah and Solomon.                               VIDAD

4. I am the city that Solomon lived in.                                         RSLMEJEUA

5. I am the priest who crowned Solomon king of Israel.              KOZAD

6. I am what Solomon asked God to give him.                            SIDMWO

7.Two women brought me before Solomon.                                YABB

8.We are the people who fought against Israel for many years.   LNIEIPIHSTS


  1. Have each child read a description of the temple in I Kings 6 and 7. Then, with as much accuracy as possible, make a temple out of craft sticks (just like your tower of Babel) or sugar cubes or play dough. Discuss the purpose of the outer court, the inner court and the Holy of Holies. You might even want to make a tiny ark of the covenant from play dough with a tiny 10 commandments to put in the Holy of Holies, with a piece of cloth or felt hanging from a pipe-cleaner or craft stick as a curtain over the door. When dry, the creations can be spray-painted gold, but go lightly with the gold paint if you’re using sugar cubes (They’ll melt!)


6.  Close with prayer.