1. Students should identify the devil, Satan, as the one who tempted Jesus.

2. Students should be able to list the three temptations in order.

3. Students should know that Jesus did not sin.

Possible Lesson Plan:

1. Open with prayer.


2. Scripture references: Luke 4:1-13 and Matthew 4:1-12. Where did Jesus go after his baptism and why? St. John Chrysostom explained it in this way: “Think of a wrestler. In order for him to teach his students how to wrestle and win, the wrestler himself gets into a contest with others. He shows his students what to do, so that they can learn to defeat their opponents.”


3. Discussion: Who is the devil? (Satan, a fallen angel) Review the stories of Adam and Eve and their temptation and of Job. What is the devil’s role in each? What do the godparents do to the devil at a baptism and why?

He tempted Jesus in three ways. What was the first? (food) Jesus had been 40 days without food. Was Jesus man or God? Was He hungry? How did Jesus answer the devil? Will God provide our needs?

What was the 2nd temptation? (jump off the temple and show off His

power) What did the devil quote to Jesus? (Scripture) the whole verse? (NO, only part of the truth) Here we see that the devil is a liar and sneaky. What did Jesus answer?

What was the 3rd temptation? (all the kingdoms of the world – power and

wealth) What does this tell us about Satan? (He has the power to give away riches, but at a price) Is the devil weak or strong? Who is stronger, God or the devil? How did Jesus answer?


4. Ask some questions: What are some temptations faced today? Take chart paper and make headings: School, Home, Play, any others the students can come up with. Brainstorm for situations where the student would be tempted to disobey God. A lost $20 bill found in the playground? Cheating on a test? Lying to get out of trouble? Pocketing a small bottle of nail polish at the dimestore? What would Jesus want us to do in these situations? The devil? Is it a sin to be tempted? Or to choose to do wrong?


5. Play a learning game: Tempters and Resisters. Divide the class into Tempters and Resisters in pairs. Each tempter must pose a temptation in his own words and the resister must counter it (specifically, not just as “no”). Act out each situation for the class. Then change roles and do it again!


6. Add to your time line as before. How will you picture the devil – with horns  

    and a tail or wings?

7. Close with prayer.