Rise of Islam

Rise of Islam

Home Activities:

Explore the world of Islam this week. 

  • Wear a chador (a black sheet with 2 holes for eyes; I have a few); can you get anything done in it?
  • No pork this week. 
  • What about some Middle Eastern or Arabic food for dinner? Recipe for tabouleh and hummus are in the Holy Cross cookbook. The men sit at the table; women and girl children stand until the men finish eating before they can eat.  Play some Arabic music while the men eat. 
  • Look back at the story of Abraham (Genesis) and Ishmael to see the origin of the Arabic peoples.
  • With an older child, watch “Lawrence of Arabia” (be sure to be with the child; it needs some parental narration or censoring); a younger child may enjoy “Aladdin”.
  • Color the picture of the Muslim warrier on horseback; review on the map the lands conquered by the Muslims in the days after Mohammed.

Prayer: Lord, bring Your gospel back to the lands once rich in Christianity. 




Secret code: Can you write a message using these Arabic letters?

(Note: There are no vowels included.)