St. Paul and his Journeys: Part 1




  1. Students should know that Saul and Paul are the same person.
  2. Students should learn the general plan of Paul’s travels, all around the Mediterranean.
  3. Students should know that Paul traveled first with Barnabas and John Mark.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. First review the story of Saul’s conversion. Read the 1st part of the story of Paul’s journeys. You’ll spend two weeks on the journeys. Follow his course carefully on your classroom map, or have each student trace each journey on the maps on the following pages. Have each student read one passage, tell the class about it, and place a pushpin in the classroom map for the location. In the end, connect all the pushpins with string. Alternatively, draw lines between dots on each individual student’s map – or do both!


I.    First Missionary Journey, 45—51 A.D., Acts 13:13—14:28

        A. Antioch, first called “Christians”, Paul and Barnabas: Acts 13:1-3

        B. Cyprus

                 1. Salamis, John Mark joins them: Acts 13:4-5

                 2.    Paphos, Elymas the Magician: Acts 13:6-12

        C. Perga in Pamphylia, John Mark leaves: Acts 13:13

        D. Pisidian Antioch, shook dust off feet: Acts 13:14-16, 42-52

        E. Galatia

               1.    Iconium: Acts 14:1-5

              2.    Lystra, Timothy’s home, Zeus and Hermes, stoned: Acts 14:6-20

               3.    Derbe: Acts 14:20-23

        F.Antioch: Acts 14:24-28

II.    Apostolic Synod in Jerusalem, 50 A.D. – review this

III.   Second Missionary Journey, 53-55 A.D., Acts 15:1-18:22

                      A. Antioch, Barnabas and John Mark went to Cyprus: Acts 15:36-41

                      B. Cities in Asia Minor already visited, Timothy circumcised: Acts 16:1-4

                      C. Troas (Troy), dream of Macedonian man, Silas and Timothy: Acts 16:8-10

                      D. Neapolis: Acts 16:11

                      E. Philippi, Lydia, slave girl, earthquake and jailer: Acts 16:12-34 (break this up?)

                      F. Apollonia: Acts 17:1

                      G. Thessalonica, house of Jason, sent away by night: Acts 17:1-9

                      H. Berea: Acts 17:10-14

                       I.  Athens, Mars Hill, Unknown God, Dionysius the Areopagite: Acts 17:15-23, 34

                       J.  Corinth, Aquila and Priscilla (tentmakers): Acts 18:1-11

                      K.  Ephesus, brief visit, left Aquila and Priscilla, Apollos: Acts 18:18-21

                      L. Caesarea in Palestine: Acts 18:22

                      M. Antioch: Acts 18:22


IV.  Third Missionary Journey, 56-59 A.D., Acts 18:23-19

        A. Antioch: Acts 18:22-23

        B. Ephesus, John’s baptism, silversmiths of Artemis: Acts 18:24-26, 19:11-12, 19:23-36

        C. Macedonia and Greece, joined by Luke: Acts 20:1-3

        D. Troas, Eutychus: Acts 20:6-12

        E. Islands of Mitylene, Chios, Samos, Miletos, Cos. Rhodes, Patara: Acts 20:13-15, 21:1-2

        F. Tyre: Acts 21:2-6

        G. Caesarea of Palestine, Philip the Evangelist, Agabus: Acts 21:7-14

        H. Jerusalem: Acts 21:15-19


V.    Fourth Missionary Journey, 59-64 A.D., Acts 22-28

A.  Jerusalem, vow of purification, arrest, Sanhedrin, plot: Acts 21:26-33, 22:23-27, 23:12-1

B. Caesarea, Felix and Festus, King Agrippa, appeal to Caesar: Acts 23:23-24, 33-35, 24:27, 25:9-12, 25:22-25

            C. Crete, storm: Acts 27:1-8, 18-26, 41-44

            D. Malta, snakebite: Acts 28:1-6

            E. Rome, 2 years house arrest, Nero’s persecutions: Acts 28:11-16, 30-31

            F.Death by beheading


  1. Try Events in Acts quiz – Who am I? Where am I? Give each student a piece of paper. Make two columns and number questions 1-5:

Paul stays with tentmakers.          Priscilla and Aquila                 Corinth

Helper joins Paul and Barnabas.   John Mark                               Salamis

Dream of a Macedonian man.       Paul                                         Troas

Two prisoners baptize a jailer.       Paul and Silas                          Philippi

Sermon about an unknown god.   Paul                                         Athens


  1. Make Paul’s Basket: Take a berry basket or similar of plastic. Tie a one-yard length of yarn to the top corner. Weave in and out of holes around the basket, working your way down, tying on another length of yarn as needed. Add 4 pieces tied to the top as a hanger; this can be used for hanging small plants.


  1. Close with prayer: Lord help me to trust you to take care of me in everything I do.