Joseph #2



  1. Children should be able to tell the dreams of the butler, the baker, and Pharaoh.
  2. Children should know the story of Joseph’s forgiving his brothers.
  3. Children should know how the people of Israel came to live in the land of Egypt.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Review the story of Joseph from last week.


  1. Scripture Reference: Genesis 39-45. There’s too much here, but ever single chapter is important. Have each student read a chapter silently and report on it to the class.


  1. Learning Game: Try the “Egg Carton Shake” – Take an empty egg carton. In each pocket write the name of an object from the story of Joseph:

grape                           colored yarn                cow                 ears

basket                          signet ring                   scarf                coin

caravan                        sheaf                            sun                   cup

Place a small button or coin in the egg carton. Each student in turn shakes the egg carton and has to tell the story of the object where the button landed. If he lands on a story already told, shake again!


  1. Discussion: Joseph had many things happen to him that were unfair. Can you name some of the times? How did Joseph act in each situation? Have you ever been treated unfairly? Do you try to get revenge or do you forgive as Joseph did? God turned something that was intended for evil toward Joseph into something that was good. Has God ever taken something that was intended for evil against you and made something good out of it? Joseph always worked hard and did his best to honor God. As a result, God blessed Joseph. How can you honor God?


  1. Make a Signet Ring: Take a piece of

oven-hardening clay (like Sculpey). Form a long snake and a flattened circle and put together as a ring. Inscribe with child’s name or a symbol. Put them in the oven as per directions on the package. While baking,take some beeswax (Father has old

candles.) and melt it on the hotplate.  Write a friendly card to a prisoner.

Use wax and ring to seal the card. Send

to the Orthodox Prison Ministry. Keep the

ring to use at home for cards and letters.


  1. Close with prayer.