Palm Sunday




  1. Children should know that Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
  2. They should be able to identify the characters in the icon and tell the story.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Tell the story of Palm Sunday; it, too, is in the Children’s Bible.  Use the icon and point out the characters and their roles.


  1. Feed the Elephant/True or False:

True                                                     False

            Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.   Jesus entered Jerusalem on an elephant.

The people were happy to see Jesus.     The people shouted, “Crucify him!”

The people shouted “Hosanna!”           The disciples stole the donkey.

The children waved palm branches.       Jesus entered Rome on Palm Sunday.

People made a carpet for Jesus with      People threw rocks at Jesus.

            with their coats.


  1. Show pictures of palm trees.  If you have them, show the children a palm branch and a pussy willow.  Let them hold and touch. 


  1. Make a palm branch from green construction paper with a thin dowel (or balloon stick):  Fold the construction paper in half lengthwise.  Cut into a semi-circle.  Then cut strips not quite to the center.  Tape dowel in the center. Your parish uses pussy willows? No problem! Use the same thin stick and use glue dots to attach pompoms!







  1. March around the room waving the palm branches and throwing coats on the floor, shouting over and over, “Hosanna in the Highest!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”


  1. Close with prayer.