St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas


            This lesson should be scheduled to occur right before St. Nicholas Day, December 6. St. Nicholas will visit during opening exercises on Sunday. During coffee hour we will perform our St. Nicholas play for the congregation and for Ridgeway Manor Nursing Home.  Look for a script to come home in November with costume suggestions in November. 

Home Activities:

  • On the evening of December 5, put your child’s shoes outside your door with much pomp and circumstance. 
  • Review at bedtime the story of St. Nicholas and color his icon. 
  • Solve the puzzle below for the words to the song of St. Nicholas; sing it frequently.
  • While your child sleeps, fill the shoes with chocolate coins, nuts, candy, fruit, or other goodies.  In the morning… 
  • This is the beginning of Christmas!  Sing the St. Nicholas song through the week.  Begin to bake cookies, decorate, make gifts, etc. 
  • Remind your child that St. Nicholas gave gifts to others and plan to make gifts or favors for a neighborhood nursing home, children’s home, day-care, etc.
  • Advent is already in progress. You can use our printed Advent Calendar, coloring one star for each day. You can fill in the days before St. Nicholas Day. 

Prayer: Lord, bless all the children of the world, through the prayers of our holy father, Nicholas.



Do you know the song to St. Nicholas?