Tower of Babel


Home activities:

  • Take a trip to Greektown  or visit a Greek Church. What are they saying?
  • Learn some phrases in another language or two.
  • Get a language tape from the library.
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet.
  • Read the story at bedtime.

Prayer: Lord, help us to understand each other by listening and learning


1. the people spoke one _______________.

5. _________were used to build the tower.

7. ______ was used as mortar for the bricks.

8. The people wanted the tower to reach up to the _________.


2. the tower was called __________.

3. God wanted to ___________ the people all over the earth.

4. God confused their speech so they could not ______________ each other.

6. the tower was built on the plain of _________.


Coloring page:

The Tower of Babel