Woman at the Well

Woman at Well                                               

Home Activities:

  • Have your child select a friend and tell him about Jesus.
  • Is there a well in the neighborhood? Visit it and dip some water. Carry the water home for cooking.
  • Or have your child go to the “well” (a bucket of water) each time he wants a drink.
  • Decorate the bucket to look like a well.
  • Christmas trees: Decorate with star, lights, bells (on the high priest’s robes), candy canes (shepherds’ crooks), balls (for the world) and angels. Decorate one for yourself and one for a local nursing home or orphanage?

Prayer: Dear Jesus, teach me about You so that I can tell my friends about my wonderful Lord. Amen.







What did Jesus tell the woman at the well?














Unscramble each of the clue words.
Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for the final message.