Council of Jerusalem

Council of Jerusalem


The first “business meeting” of the early church is found in Acts 15.

Home Activities:

  • Role play the council with Peter, Paul, and James. 
  • Do you have a family decision to make this week? Have a family “council” and pattern it after the Jerusalem Council.  Is everyone satisfied with the decision?  Was Paul fully satisfied either?  How do families and the church make decisions?

Prayer: Lord, guide us in every decision we make, just as You have guided your Church.   


Council of Jerusalem Crossword



4. people who are not Jews
5. the disciple to the Gentiles
7. where the decree was sent
9. his Law obeyed by Jews
10. bishop of Jerusalem
12. people who follow the Law
1. Paul's companion who went to Antioch
2. abstain from gifts offered to them
3. where the council was held
6. symbol used by Christians
8. not required for Gentiles
11. one of the Twelve, who was present