1. Students should identify Solomon as David’s son.
  2. Students should know that Solomon chose wisdom as his gift.
  3. Students should know that Solomon built the great temple in Jerusalem.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Read the story of Solomon in the Beginner’s Bible, pages 194-200, the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 136-139, First Bible, pages 104-111, or the Read with Me Bible, pages 186-193.

Add Solomon to your timeline.

  1. Feed the Elephant True/False questions.

                              True                                            False

      Solomon was the son of David.                Solomon was the son of Jonathon.

      Solomon asked God for wisdom.             Solomon asked God for riches.

      Solomon found the mother of the baby.   Solomon cut the baby in two.

      Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem.    David built the temple in Jerusalem.


  1. Re-enact the scene of the 2 women with the baby before King Solomon: Have a baby doll, 2 girls (with tunics and towels on their heads as costumes) and one boy (with a crown). Who was the real mother and how did Solomon know this?


5.   Build a “temple”:

      Use shoeboxes, cardboard boxes

            of various sizes, and paper

            tubes or cups to be the temple.

      Decorate with macaroni trim.

      Spray the entire temple gold.

      Glue on sequins, windows, doors.


6.  Close with prayer.