Home Activities:

  • The feast of the Ascension: the end of Pascha. Be sure your child can say “Ascension”.
  • Reread the story of the feast.
  • Color the icon for your icon corner.
  • Look at the life of a butterfly in a book (Visit the library?) Put your child’s stained glass butterfly in the window.
  • Look at the clouds also; picture Jesus leaving in a cloud and coming back in one. What types of clouds are there? Which will He choose?
  • Make "cloud jello": Fix blue jello according to package directions. Let it start to get firm and a bit cool. Using a spoon, put a few spoonfuls of jello in the bottom of a small juice glass, then a spoonful of whipped cream or whipped topping if it's a fast day. Add spoonfuls of jello and whipped cream until it looks like a cloudy sky. Allow to firm up fully before serving. 

Prayer: Lord, may I remember always that You are with me always.


What did Jesus say at the Ascension?

Unscramble the command of Jesus. Use the numbered letters to discover His promise.