Doubting Thomas

Doubting Thomas

Home Activities:

  • Traditionally the Orthodox visit the cemetery this day; visit the graves of any family members.  Pray for them.
  • Make koliva with your child. Recipe enclosed.
  • Puzzle for older children. Coloring page.
  • Read the story at bedtime each night.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, for the Christians departed this life before us, especially (names), we pray thee give them rest, in the place of Thy rest. Amen.



Take 1 pound of wheat berries and soak them in water in a large pot. Then drain them and boil for 4 hours in fresh water. Drain again and spread on a large towel to dry. Empty wheat berries into a mixing bowl. Add:

            ½ cup confectioner’s sugar      Optional:

            1 tsp cinnamon                                    2 T chopped parsley

            2 cups raisins                                       ½ cup sesame seeds

            1 cup chopped walnuts                        1 pomegranate, broken into kernels

Pour onto serving tray and make a small hill. Cover with thick layer of confectioner’s sugar and decorate with a candle in the center, crosses of silver candies, and a border of Jordan almonds.





Thomas wants to see that Jesus is alive. Can you help Thomas find Him?